Miscellaneous Engagements
While our primary focus is B2B & B2C
Clients, we have applied our human
relations expertise and proven
consulting methodology in a variety of
other challenging situations.

In these engagements (mostly
strategic planning), we have worked
effectively with multiple and diverse
stakeholders to generate shared
vision, common objectives, practical
solutions and positive momentum.

Successful projects have been
completed in:

  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Washington DC
  • Wisconsin
Strategic Planning | Transformation Consultanting Group,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Transformation Consulting Group
From Strategic Planning to Strategic Agility
Diversity of Experience
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Note: While these type of
engagements demonstrate a breadth
and depth of expertise and
experience, they are no longer within
our "sweet spot". We focus today
exclusively on opportunities to partner
with established, privately held
operating companies to enhance
market, company and shareholder